Hello this is Library House!  Library house is a group of middle schoolers who clean our library, update our blog, run fundraisers, promote events, and of course feed Irwin, our library lizard.  This is our blog, where we write about books. We havImage result for warner brothers that's all folks logoe recently added new sections, picture books and graphic novels.  We are currently working on them. We update every two weeks. We also do Reader of the Month, where teachers select students in our school who love to read and we interview one of them at random. We also do book trailers and put them in the blog for fun. The promotion committee submits posts, too, and we put them in our blog like for example, the Protagonist Parade where we dress as a person from a book. We do YA reads, manga, graphic novels and chapter books. Well, “That’s all Folks!”


Hola somos la Casa de Biblioteca! En nuestra casa, nosotros tenemos muchos niños de diferentes grados.  Limpiamos la biblioteca, ponemos el blog al día…

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