Don’t Pigeonhole Me! -a Mo Willems Sketch Book

“Always think of my audience, but never think for my audience”

-Mo Willems

Mo Willems is one of the most memorable children’s authors of all time. Writing books like Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The bus, Knuffle Bunny, Elephant and Piggie, Because, This Is Not A Good Idea! and more! Of course every person has their alter-ego. In Don’t Pigeonhole me!, we see a compilation of sketchbooks that allow us to explore the more mature-side of one of our favorite children’s authors.

In Don’t Pigeonhole Me! each section begins with a small summary of the sketchbook and the process of its publication. The first few sketchbooks are basic doodles that will most likely give you a quick chuckle or two. In sketchbooks like “I’m Fine” we get too see a story line that is illustrated through drawings meant to demonstrate the very simple sentences. We can even see the early birth of our favorite pigeon in the original “DON’T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS!” and “The Pigeon Tells A Story.”

As someone who personally enjoys art, I tried to read some of the comics slowly, over and over to try to fine some deep meaning but then I realized that not all art has a powerful meaning behind it. Comics like “The Red Truck” and “Olive Hue Show Mutts” are perfect examples of this because they are silly, simple and funny.

Mo Willems did an excellent job showing us his complex and quite hilarious mind, and I loved every part of it. The Mo Willems sketchbook compilation is a well executed book for all mature audiences.

Scythe: Book review

Scythe by Neal Shusterman (FIC SHU) takes place in the future, a future where there is no war, no hunger and no misery. Humanity has conquered everything, even death and has encountered the secret to eternal youth.  We surpassed our greatest fears. We are the top of the food chain. We are gods. Although a new problems has arose. The population. Since no one is dying, the populations grows. Rapidly. To solve this problem, an organization has arisen from the shadows with one simple objective. Thou shalt kill.

Citra and Rowan must apprentice Scythe Faraday, although neither of them is pleased.  In doing so they must study various subjects including, Bokator, an ancient martial exclusive to scythes, Killcraft, and various other subjects that have to do with the art of taking life. Only one of them will be chosen, whoever succeeds will become the next scythe, while the other will just return to their regular life.

Scythe is a spectacular book. A book that will make you question, do we really want eternal life? Neal Shusterman has taken what all men and women have always dreamed and revealed the dark truth behind it. If you like action-packed and mysterious books, Scythe is the book for you.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction Debut

Image curtsy of the New York Times.

Real Life:

In Leogane, Haiti there was a small hospital that was lacking oxygen. The oxygen was only enough for 24 hours, leaving the hospital with a difficult choice to make; provide the oxygen to the adults recovering from strokes and other dangerous conditions or send the new born children, clinging for dear life?

According to Monday New York Times article, Haiti is under a political crisis leading the country on to the brink of collapse. An uprising against president Jovenel Moïse has manifested into violence. Although the country has undergone multiple political and economical crises before, this has to be the worst of them all.

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On the corner of American street and Joy road, Fabiola Toussaint realizes that what she thought would be an American dream would be an American nightmare. As soon as Fabiola arrives in the United States, her mother was apprehended by U.S. Immigration.

What will happen as Fabiola is left to maneuver a new life, school, home and relationships in a new world she knows nothing about.

You can find this book in the fiction section with the call number FIC ZOB.

Red pyramid(Kane Chronicles)

redpyramidThe Kane chronicles is a good series in general, but I’m specifically explaining why I recommend The Red Pyramid. Well first off I just wanna say this book catches your attention at the exact beginning. Just read this!

“We only have a few hours so listen carefully. If you’re hearing this story, you’re already in danger. Sadie and I might be your only chance.”

(It’s supposed to be a recording, just saying.) Now I don’t know about you but that’s really interesting to me. Another thing I liked was how all three books are written from the perspective of Carter or Saide, indicated at the top of the chapter by the title.

I enjoyed how the book has to do with Egyptian gods. One way is having both Sadie and Carter inhabit the two gods Isis and Horus. The second way is how they describe certain gods in the way they actually look according to Egyptian mythology and others in their own way, as humans. Here’s as example with Anubis, Egyptian god of death:

“a good-looking boy of about sixteen dressed in black robes. His complexion was pale, but he had lovely brown eyes… His black hair was long and tousled.”

Interesting for a human. And also he has a form were he turns into a little puppy, so cute! Anyway, another thing I like about this book was how even though it contains A LOT of fantasy, it also might inspire young readers to go deeper into the book and search up somethings about Egyptian mythology! It certainly made me want learn more about Egyptian mythology, especially the gods!!