Movie vs. Book: Lord of the Rings Trilogy

For years, people have debated if the book is better than the movie or if the movie is better than the book. This series will be focusing on these two questions and answering that million dollar question: which is better?

 The book

The Lord of the Rings, one of the most iconic books out there written by J.R.R Tolkien. Filled with mystical creatures and beings, the story takes place in somewhere called Middle Earth. The story starts off, when nineteen Elves from Eregion forge a total of nineteen rings made for a total of nineteen people: three for the the Elves, seven for the Dwarves, and nine for mankind, but not only nineteen rings were made, one forged at the peak of Mount Doom stands out above all. Created by Sauron, The Dark Lord, this ring is filled with malevolent power and corruption. It’s purpose is to rule over all Middle Earth and end the era of mankind. To avoid this, one must destroy the ring. This is the destiny of a Hobbit named Frodo.

The book is filled with descriptions about beautiful landscapes, lifeless war zones and dangerous creatures, such as orcs and giant spiders. The book also shares with us the emotions of the main characters, such as the fright Frodo experiences when he tries to hide the ring from the nine kings, now known as The Nazg√Ľls.

The Movie

In December of 2001, The lord of the rings was released in the theaters and received a total of 91% of rotten tomatoes and a score of 8.8 in IMDb. Throughout the United States, the movie was praised by it’s scenery and the amazing acting of each and every character, such as the acting of Ian McKellen, as the wizard Gandalf. As David Denby from The New Yorker stated,

“Consistently beautiful and often exciting — despite some dead passages here and there, it’s surely the best big-budget fantasy movie in years.”

David’s compliment is also supported by one of the lines from the first book The Fellowship of The Ring.”The braids of her dark hair were touched by no frost; her white arms and clear face were flawless and smooth.”

This was one of the thousands of compliments given to the Lord of the Rings by critics and, well the general public itself. The movie has been watched over and over by the public and fans, although some have called out some flaws that the movie had as well, for example Jonathan Rosenbaum from The Reader had stated,

“It’s full of scenic splendors with a fine sense of scale, but its narrative thrust seems relatively pro forma, and I was bored by the battle scenes.”

This is also supported by the first book and it shows that the battle of Minas Tirith was 3 chapters long!! and has a total of 30 pages.

Therefore, The Lord of the Rings wasn’t perfect, but it did meet the expectations of mostly everyone.

With these results we can conclude that the movie is BETTER than the book, by pure scenery and elaboration towards the script. Well, that concludes all for this second post! See you in the next Movie vs Book.

Battle of the Books April

In honor of April’s National Poetry Month, Battle of the Books pitted Shel Silverstein’s¬†Where the Sidewalk Ends against Jack¬†Prelutsky’s My Dog May be a Genius.


Shel Silverstein explained that his book Where the Sidewalk Ends is about him making poems about how an adult should take a rest from everything that is happening and think of them as a kid again.

The book My Dog May be a Genius is just different kid poems that Jack made so that kids can have fun while reading the book and enjoy their time reading.

We decided we should go to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. A lot of kids in third grade choose Where the Sidewalk Ends and a lot of the 5th graders chose My Dog May be a Genius, but the fourth graders tied!

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 8.37.08 AM

This the graph of how many people chose Where the Sidewalk Ends and how many people chose My Dog May be a Genius Where the sidewalk end has 53.2% votes and My dog may be a genius has 46.8% votes. Many students wrote that Where the Sidewalk Ends inspired them to make poems and a fifth grader said that the book My Dog May be a Genius was very funny and he wants to make book just like it.

In my opinion I think that these both books are very special and inspiring in their own ways. I also think that the book Where the Sidewalk Ends is very weird but in a good way because they are supposed to be poems that are trying to bring adults back to a kid and it reminds me of something I would want to read when I am an adult too. Something about the book My Dog May be a Genius is that it is very childish and for kids that want to imagine different things. I think that if I would have to choose one it would be Where the Sidewalk Ends because I feel like it has a bigger story during each poem, but I think that My Dog May be a Genius will catch the kids attention.

Stay tune for next month which we will be doing DC vs MARVEL 

Battle of the books (January)

This month we decided that the books that should compete are Sisters by Raina Telgemeier and Cardboard By Doug TenNapel.

Related imageImage result for sister bok VSImage result for cardboard bookImage result

The book Sisters is about Raina and her sister Amara always fighting nonstop.  One day when they went on a road trip to Colorado to go see their family, they started to get closer and closer to each other.

The book Cardboard was about a little boy named Cam who lost his mother and his dad had to take care of him.¬† When it was Cam’s birthday his dad didn’t have any money so he bought him cardboard to make something with him, but the cardboard was magical and this neighbor name Marcus stole some and started to make monsters that come to life and take over the world.

We decided we should go to 3 and 4 grade.  A lot of the students in 3rd grade chose Cardboard  and in fourth grade it was even- some kids chose Cardboard  and Sisters.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 2.29.49 PM

This up here is the graph of how many voted for Cardboard and Sisters. Sisters has 84 votes and Cardboard has 103 votes.One of the 4th graders said “I love how Cardboard has adventure and action”. Another 4th grade said that sisters reminds me of me and sister and how we fight a lot but not as much anymore.The rest of the 4th and 3rd grades said that the both books are very funny and grabs their attention.As we can all see Cardboard won, but both of the books are special in their own ways.

In my opinion i think anybody of any age can read these both books, but I only chose 4th and 3rd grade because those are the grades I read those books.¬† Honestly, I think that a lot of the kids chose the book that grabbed their attention, but it doesn’t matter if the book has a pretty cover or not its about if the book inspires you or catches your attention about what is happening.Maybe next time digital committee will choose a two book that are easier and will catch the little kids attention.

Stay tune for next month which we will be doing Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi vs Bone by Jeff Smith.

Battle of the books (November)

This year we’re introducing a new monthly post, Battle of the Books. ¬†Battle of the books is when a member of Library House comes into your classroom and reads a page of the two books that the class has to choose from. ¬†This month, digital committee presents…

Image result for greg heffley
Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Related image
Dork Diaries

The 1st Dork Diaries book, Tales From a Not-So-Fabulous Life,¬†is about Nikki introducing herself and telling her story about the guy she likes and how this girl was trying to steal him from her. ¬†The page we read for Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Long Haul, (the 9th book) is about how Greg’s mom wants Greg to go outside because it is not natural for a kid like him to stay inside, but Greg obviously does not agree with his mom at all. ¬†Most of the classes thought that it was funny that Greg does not want to leave his house and that Nikki is so jealous that the girl Mackenzie was trying to steal her true love Brandon.

chartOne of the third graders said “I choose Dork Diaries because it is challenging to read and I like that.” ¬†Another third grader said, “I like Diary of a Wimpy Kid because it has a movie and it explains more.” ¬†Most of the third, fourth, and fifth graders said that both of the books are funny, but in the end Diary of a Wimpy Kid won the battle as you can see from the graph.

In my opinion I think that all of the grades voted more for Dairy of a Wimpy Kid because most of the time boys think that Dork Diaries is a “girl book” and Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a “boy book” so they choose Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but a lot of the girls voted for Diary of a Wimpy Kid too. ¬†Girls were able to vote for¬†Diary of a Wimpy Kid¬†society has made it able for girls to express themselves, even their inner masculinity. Meanwhile, males haven’t gained the chance to express their interests due to them not having the opportunity and not feeling like they are allowed to.

The fact that there’s a movie for¬†Diary of a Wimpy Kid means kids who don’t like to read can go and watch the movie so that they have the same experience as the people who do read the series.

I’m glad that a lot of the kids in the classes showed that you can choose any book that grabs your attention.

Scholastic Book Fair

Library House is pleased to announce that we will be starting the 2017 Winter Book Fair. This means that Elementary classes will have the opportunity to visit the book fair and buy books. Middle School Students will not have a preview time but they will be able to buy books. It would happen Monday through Friday, December 18-22. If you want to volunteer, you can fill out the form that will be delivered by Library House to inform when you are able to help. We will be setting up on Friday, December 15. We hope you would be able to come and buy your favorite books.

Book Fair 2017.png

La casa de la biblioteca se complace en anunciar que estaremos comenzando la Feria del libro de invierno de 2017. Esto significa que todas las clases tendrán la oportunidad de visitar la Feria del libro y comprar libros. Sucedería de lunes a viernes, diciembre de 18-22. Si usted quiere ser voluntario, usted puede llenar el formulario que sera entregado por la casa de la biblioteca para informar cuando usted es capaz de ayudar. Vamos a establecer el viernes, 15 de diciembre. Esperamos que pueda venir a comprar sus libros favoritos.


Image result for matched the book¬† Cassia Reyes has always trusted the society’s choices. It’s ¬†hardly any price to pay for a long life, the perfect job, the ideal mate. So when her best friend Xander appears on the Matching screen during her Match banquet, Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is the one she will spend the rest of her life with… until she sees another face , Ky’s, flash for an instant before the screen fades to black. Cassia fears not only for that but because she may know that other person. Now Cassia is faced with impossible choices: between Xander and Ky, between the only life she’s known an da path no one else has dared follow- between perfection and passion. Does she risk to break the rules for someone special or live the perfect life made just for her.

Matched is a story for right now and storytelling with the resonance of a classic.

Angelic Layer

When Misaki moves to Tokyo, Japan, she sees two dolls fighting each other in a huge screen in front of the train station. One doll is a light model and small, the opposite doll is heavy and tall. While watching, Misaki feels bad for the light doll because it is small and it is going to be defeated by the heavy doll. Much to her¬†surprise, the light doll actually wins the fight! ¬†Misaki wants to be the woman who controls the doll¬†because she wants to prove that there’s nothing wrong with being small.

The game is called Angelic Layer and it’s a pretty popular game. After watching the fight she wants to play but doesn’t know where to get a doll/angel. She meets a man called Ichaan who helps her get her own Angel (the general name of the doll). After Misaki gets her doll she does the steps to awaken her and gives the angel the name, Hikaru. ¬†And here begins her Angelic Layer adventure.

The art style is cute and unique, at times they will have chibi moments just to add into the cute moment. There are fighting scenes that will have you in the edge of your chair with its more mature, but still cute, art style.

This manga is for kids:10+

If you like this book you will also enjoy:

Yotsuba &: A book that has cute art style and is lighthearted, kind of like Angelic Layer but more lighthearted, and cute.

Angelic Layer page


Cirque Du Freak

Darren is a normal boy except that he loves spiders. ¬†There’s only one person who understands how he feels and that person is his best friend Steve. One day when Darren is going home from Steve’s house, a random stranger passes him a flyer about a circus called “Cirque Du Freak.” Darren is really interested in going to the circus because he heard that there was going to be an amazing spider called “Madam Octa,” a very poisonous and intelligent spider. ¬†Darren always heard Steve saying that he likes to become a monster, but Darren never really known why, Steve takes advantage of the the fact that the circus has a vampire, because in the world that Darren and Steve lives in there are vampires, wolf men and other crazy things. ¬†Steve leaves Darren to be alone with a vampire. ¬†What is going to happen when Steve is by himself with a vampire?

This Art style is very unique you won’t be able to find this art style any manga or at least most manga.

This book could hook you in only a matter of seconds, because theres so many twists and turns in this manga that you just can’t stop reading, you just want to read more and more.

Ages:10+ can read this manga.

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CardCaptor Sakura: Version Espa√Īol

Sakura es una ni√Īa normal con un hermano mayor llamado, Toya, un padre, Fujitaka, y una mejor amiga, Tomoyo. ¬†Yukito es el amigo de Toya y el ni√Īo que Sakura le gusta.

Un d√≠a, Sakura est√° sola en la casa, y escucha un sonido en la oficina de su padre. ¬†Primero ella piensa que solo es el viento, pero el sonido no para, entonces Sakura coge una escoba como arma y entra la oficina, solo para encontrar que nadie esta ah√≠. ¬†Sakura encuentra un libro llamado “La Corona” y cuando lo abri√≥, Kerberos, o EL Guardian Del Sellokerberos, surge de la portada del libro en la forma de un peluche. ¬†EL necesita alguien para encontrar todas las cartas llamado Catas de Clow para prevenir que las ¬†cartas vayan a cometir cosas malas. ¬†Sakura necesita a encontrar todo las cartas. ¬†Un ni√Īo de Hong Kong, Li Xiao Lang, tiene el mismo trabajo que ella y usa un br√ļjula para identificar¬†d√≥nde las cartas de clown est√°n. ¬†Es un poder muy √ļtil para Sakura pero Li Xiao Lang no quiere trabajar junto con ella para alguna raz√≥n.

Este libro es muy divertido, y te hace sentir feliz cuando lo esta leyendo, pero triste cuando lo terminas porque vas a querer mas y mas. Los personajes te pueden hacer sentir feliz o bravo, como Sakura, Sakura es alguien amable y no se pone brava solo cuando su hermano hace o dice algo para enojarla.Hay mucha acción en la serie pero la acción no es algo de un película para gente mayores, pero para todos que aman un libro de magia.

Ni√Īos de anos 8+ lo pueden leer.

Si te encanta este libro te va a gustar…

Angelic Layer:Los protagonistas son ni√Īas que se convierten en ni√Īas FUERTES por cada pelea.