Movie vs. Book: Wonder

For years, people have debated if the book is better than the movie or if the movie is better than the book. This series will be focusing on these two questions and answering that million dollar question: which is better?

The Book  246px-Wonder_Cover_Art

Wonder by R. J. Palacio is filled with emotional content and heart breaking moments, Wonder is packed with characters with intimate and difficult problems, all of which they all try to overcome. One of these characters is a ten-year-old boy named August with a facial problem, who has a tough time fitting in. Others with a social problems, and acceptance by their peers, you get the idea. To be honest the mood that represents this book at first is heart warming, but as you proceed through the book it gets more serious and a bit extreme such as August being called Dark Sidious, a star wars character who’s face is burned. I recommend this book to those out there with insecurity, people who feel left out and for people how just don’t feel like they fit in.

The Movie  wonder-movie

The movie on the other hand is almost as similar as the book itself. The plot is the same and some of the lines in the movie are as identical to those in the book, but most of the time skips some. Even though the book delivers the content in a unique way, such as giving extreme detail and expressing the characters thoughts and feelings, the movie does the same thing but in a visual way which gives the audience a different point of view. Such as when August tries to snap out of the fantasy he lives in, in which he thinks he’s normal ten-year old, which sadly he is not. He ends up crying and we see his parents giving him comfort. This is a time where the movie show a feeling instead of using voice over.

With these results we can conclude that the book is BETTER than the movie, by just pure detail and elaboration towards the descriptions within the book. Well that concludes all for this first post!