Dragon Hoops by Gene Luen Yang

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The upcoming graphic novel Dragon Hoops by Gene Luen Yang is an exceptional book. Mr. Yang opens with his early life and shows us how he has to balance his life between teaching, being a dad and his passion, writing comics. Mr. Youngster (as some students call him), struggles finding the next story he wants to tell. He is eager to fulfill his talent and desire to write another graphic novel.

While Boxers and Saints were based on a historical event, Dragon Hoops is based on his actual experiences. Mr. Yang is computer science teacher at a Catholic school in California. As he is looking for something to write about he gets inspired by his students. Their basketball team has gone to the state championships xxx times but never won. The buzz around school is that they will win it this year! He starts interviewing the head coach team coach Lou.

Readers meet the players on the team and the history behind the sport. He does it in a realistic and organic way, through interviewing the characters and bringing their backstories onto the page. He follows the team throughout their journey to the championship, discovering the hard reality of the players’ lives on and off the court- the racism, adversity and obstacles faced by the players.

Mr. Yang does a very good job going back and forth in time and never loses his reader. He is also very good at giving background information. He doesn’t only talk about the game but he also talks about culture, racism, police brutality, and even history. This turns stories into an impactful novel. Lastly, he uses techniques in his art that make the book meaningful. For example color codes the past and the present he stays consistent thought the book like in the past scenes he subdued colors. He also uses an effect on hes speach bubbles to add outside noises and loud sounds which make

This book will appeal to basketball fans, but is not just for sports fans. This is a book that celebrates the spirit of a team and how to persevere when things don’t go your way. It also teaches that no matter what your race you can still fit into society and be a part of something special.

Snapdragon by Kat Leyh

Snapdragon doesn’t have a lot of friends but who would’ve thought she would befriend the town outcast, Jack. Everyone says Jack’s a witch, but in reality she’s just an old lady who wear crocks and sells roadkill skeletons on Etsy. They meet when Snap’s dog, Good Boy, gets hit by a car and Jack nurses him back to health.

One day, Snap stumbles upon a group of kids at her school playing around with a dead possum, poking it with a stick. Snap gets furious and shoos them away. Of course, they make fun of her because that’s what every bully does, but Snap doesn’t care. She’s just worried because she notices what no one else saw…a litter of baby possums, now motherless. Her classmate Louis breaks away from the cool crowd to find out if Snap is okay, and despite their differences they establish a friendship.

In asking Jack for help with the baby possums, Snapdragon unwittingly begins uncovering family secrets including the truth behind her family’s curse, experiences the joys of late night horror movies with your BFF, and confirms her suspicions that magic and witchcraft are real, after all.

This book is very different from other graphic novels that I have read. It shows the point of views of a diverse cast of characters including a range of races and characters in the LGBTQ+ community. This is a story of acceptance, learning your strengths, and knowing your self-worth.

In most of the book the full-color illustrations are very bright and vibrant, but when the characters have flashbacks it turns shadow-like, with the use of one or two colors to accentuates certain features. During dramatic moments the author makes panels slanted and zooms in for close ups.

Snapdragon is for readers who enjoy uncovering family legends, coming out stories, friendships, and a little touch of magic.

Through The Woods

The graphic novel, Through the Woods is a book with five breathtaking tales that will have you at the edge of your seat. Emily Carroll did an extraordinary job at these five tales she wrote. Although some of the tales are short, they are by far very interesting. While I was reading this book I kept wanting to read more. Most of the stories gave me the chills after reading them.

imagesMy favorite from all five tales was one about a little girl who had to cross the woods to get to her grandmother’s house and she was always told to be careful of the wolf. I really liked this tale because at the end there is a strange wolf looking creature out her window who says a quote that gave me some creepy vibes.

“But the wolf…the wolf only needs enough luck to find you once.”¬†Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 8.33.45 AM

I really recommend this book if you like a horror vibe. The artwork is very intriguing  to me. Most stories use mostly black, bits of red and blue. The artwork is very vivid. It requires a lot of imagination in order to be able to visualize what is going on in the short stories.


By: Ivette Aucapi√Īa


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The graphic novel “TomBoy” by Liz Prince is extremely relatable. I personally loved this book for that same reason. The book is based on her own childhood stories and how she grew up being a tomboy. She grew up like an average child, the only difference¬†was that she was into thing that were/are considered for “guys” which was why she was considered a tomboy.¬†¬†Although she was happy being a tomboy, she did struggle with what it meant to be a girl. In the novel she says that she felt out of place and different.

One that I most liked was when she spoke about how she was a Girl Scout. I really enjoyed this part because me and some of my friends used to be Girl Scouts as well. At some point, we both open our eyes to the real world and how it treats girls who prefer male things. Her experience as a girl scout is different from mine, due to the type of entertainment she had.

While reading this, I felt intrigued and wanting to read more. I recommend this book for girls, as well as boys who felt a bit¬†different from society, not wanting to follow society’s usual behavior. It gives girls support to be who they want to be without society holding them back. You can find this book in the library.

By: Ivette & Leslie

Who is AC?

Who is AC?¬†is a comic by Hope Larson. The book has a very unique choice of artwork, the entire book is in black, white ,purple. But I believe this was a very interesting way to illustrate in a comic. I especially like the choice of art work because the color purple only apeer’s when she becomes a superhero, but when she is an average teen age girl the book is comic is in black and white. Lin Buries, your average teenage girl she rides her bike, she goes to a regular high school and has friends she takes a part of a drama class, makes and sells her own zine (A hand crafted magazine). she had a pretty normal life until one day her phone zaps her with superpowers.until her phone zaps her with super powers. It was then when her life took big turn and she was now concidered a superhero.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 8.42.22 AMEven her best friends didn’t know her new secret identity as a superhero. As Lin starts to get comfortable with her powers, her friend who is a blogger, starts calling her AC which stand for “Anonymous Coward.” As Lin is trying to get her name cleared, she has to go against an internet troll. ¬†she realizes she has to go 1vs1 with a wicked online villain, who spreads its influence through binary code. Can Lin detect the save the day, and restore her reputation?

Reading who is AC?¬†made me feel like I could relate to her normal life. For example, she has to attend school, wants to ¬†dive deeper into her passions of being in a drama club. However, I wasn’t fond of the superhero parts because they seemed too unrealistic, cheesy which made it difficult to read. As much as I’m not a fantasy fan, I believe younger readers might connect more with the book than I could and could become interested in the superhero parts.


Fairy Tail

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Written by famous manga artist Hiro Mashima (Author of the Rave master, also in our library) in the year 2006. Fairy tail is¬†action filled comedy follows the story of the celestial mage Lucy Heartfilia, She dreams of becoming a great wizard and someday joining the Fairy Tail guilld. When she finally does she teams up with fire dragon slayer Natsu Dragneel and his flying blue cat,Happy. They are in search of the great fire dragon Igneel, who raised him. As time goes by Lucy and the other Guild members become closer, unravel secrets, and go on countless adventures that include battling the forces of dark guilds and corrupted wizards. It’s a rough road for them but the new generation is stronger than ever, Especially together.¬†

Check out Fairy Tail in our Library and try to read before you watch!

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan, Also known as “Shingeki no kyoin” Takes place in the year 850. Humanity has been forced behind three Walls approximately 50 meters high each Going by the names of three saints. The interior-wall sina, The center-wall Rose, and the extiorior-wall maria. Their purpose of existence is to protect Humans from the man eating monsters¬† known as titans. The reason¬† for titans targeting humans is completely unknown being that they don’t attack animals or need to eat to survive, They don’t even have a digestive system. Leaving the main theory that it’s out of sheer pleasure. There’s been a century of peace within the walls that many doubt wImage result for attack on titan manga coverill ever come to an end, But Suddenly the walls are breached by a new class of titan that appears out of thin air. It’s bigger then anyone has ever seen being approximately 60 meters high, The colossal Titan. A moment latter another appears, The armored titan.¬† Which breaks it’s way straight through the wall.

The story follows Eren Jeager and his childhood friends Mikasa Who’s incredibly strong¬† and Armin who may be weaker then the average person but has brains like no other, His dream being to see the ocean that many don’t even believe in. The day wall Maria had fallen They stood side by side seeing things no person let alone child should. With 20% of the remaining human population lost in only one day Eren Vows to destroy all titans and avenge his mother who was eaten before his very eyes if its the very last thing he does. Jumping 5 years into the future him and both of his friends become part of the cadet corps to take action and fight back. What Eren doesn’t realize is how difficult facing the titans and staying alive actually is. Will he really avenge his mother? Will Humans ever be able to reclaim Wall maria? And how do they plan to survive in such conditions?

Check out attack on titan, In the library To find out. And please read it before you watch it!

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Spirited Away

Chihiro Ogino is moving to her¬†new house with her family, but while traveling there they come across a empty, and mysterious town. Chihiro and her family enter the mysterious town, and see a market filled with food but no one’s there. Since they are hungry they start eating the food but they can’t stop, almost like the food is magical. Chihiro tries to stop her parents from eating, but no matter what she tries, they can’t stop! ¬†Their gluttonous behavior turns them into pigs! ¬†Spirited Away food.jpegShe leaves them and travels deeper into the ¬†mysterious town and finds herself in a¬†bath house where she meets a guy named Haku. ¬†Haku tells her that she needs to convince Kamaji (the man in charge of the boiler room) to get her a job or Yubaba, the bath house witch, will also turn her into a animal! ¬†Will Chihiro be able to convince Kamaji to get her a job? Or will Chihiro be turned into an animal by Yubaba?

This art style is very unique, you can’t find this art style anywhere. ¬†It’s hand-drawn instead of done by computer. The art style goes very well with the weirdness of the story.

Also, check out the anime film, Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki!

This manga is for kids: 10+




Angelic Layer

When Misaki moves to Tokyo, Japan, she sees two dolls fighting each other in a huge screen in front of the train station. One doll is a light model and small, the opposite doll is heavy and tall. While watching, Misaki feels bad for the light doll because it is small and it is going to be defeated by the heavy doll. Much to her¬†surprise, the light doll actually wins the fight! ¬†Misaki wants to be the woman who controls the doll¬†because she wants to prove that there’s nothing wrong with being small.

The game is called Angelic Layer and it’s a pretty popular game. After watching the fight she wants to play but doesn’t know where to get a doll/angel. She meets a man called Ichaan who helps her get her own Angel (the general name of the doll). After Misaki gets her doll she does the steps to awaken her and gives the angel the name, Hikaru. ¬†And here begins her Angelic Layer adventure.

The art style is cute and unique, at times they will have chibi moments just to add into the cute moment. There are fighting scenes that will have you in the edge of your chair with its more mature, but still cute, art style.

This manga is for kids:10+

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Yotsuba &: A book that has cute art style and is lighthearted, kind of like Angelic Layer but more lighthearted, and cute.

Angelic Layer page


Cirque Du Freak

Darren is a normal boy except that he loves spiders. ¬†There’s only one person who understands how he feels and that person is his best friend Steve. One day when Darren is going home from Steve’s house, a random stranger passes him a flyer about a circus called “Cirque Du Freak.” Darren is really interested in going to the circus because he heard that there was going to be an amazing spider called “Madam Octa,” a very poisonous and intelligent spider. ¬†Darren always heard Steve saying that he likes to become a monster, but Darren never really known why, Steve takes advantage of the the fact that the circus has a vampire, because in the world that Darren and Steve lives in there are vampires, wolf men and other crazy things. ¬†Steve leaves Darren to be alone with a vampire. ¬†What is going to happen when Steve is by himself with a vampire?

This Art style is very unique you won’t be able to find this art style any manga or at least most manga.

This book could hook you in only a matter of seconds, because theres so many twists and turns in this manga that you just can’t stop reading, you just want to read more and more.

Ages:10+ can read this manga.

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