Scholastic Book Fair

Our annual Scholastic Book Fair is an opportunity to buy your own books. You don’t have to worry about returning them, take as long as you want and you can start your own library of your most loved books! This fair is an event created for schools to offer students affordable books based on their interests. The Scholastic Book Fair has a feeling and the look of a book store bringing the books we love right to our school’s door. In PS 89 is a tradition. In our school we take the job of bringing joy through books very seriously.

That is why this year we will have the the brand new book from beloved series Dog Man- Fetch 22. You can watch a trailer for the new book here.

Check below to see when your class will visit the Book Fair for their preview and shopping periods. See you in the Book Fair!

Paul Griffin – 2019 Keynote speaker for Write to read day at (WRD) Cypress Hills

urlPaul Griffin is the award-winning author of middle school and young adult books.  He worked as a teacher, tutor, butler, dog trainer and a bartender.  He also worked as a dock worker in his college years, but writing books was his passion.  He graduated from Dartmouth college with a BA in film studies.  He started out with the Creative Arts Team, specializing in HIV/AIDS prevention and conflict resolution workshops.  Now he works with organizations like Literacy for Incarcerated Teens and Behind the Book.  Paul Griffin has written several books like; Skyjacked, Saving Marty, When Friendship Followed Me Home, Adrift, Burning Blue, Stay With Me, The Orange Houses and Ten Mile River.   He will be our Keynote speaker on Write To Read Day on May 24, 2019.  He will talk about his experience about being a writer and his life.  Please check out his website about all his amazing books by coping the link below.

¬† imgres¬†‚ÄúAnd you learn that your eyes aren’t really the things that let you see. That you can only truly see with your heart.”‚Äē Paul Griffin, When Friendship Followed Me Home

Scholastic Book Fair – Dec. 10 – 14

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Scholastic ľs best-known and best-loved businesses are Book Fairs. They do school events that bring the joy and excitement of reading right to students. With the look and feel of a bustling bookstore, these week-long events feature mobile cases full of affordable books based on characters and subjects kids love and want to read about. The Scholastic Book fair goes around the world to different schools giving kids a chance to get the books they love right in their school. In PS.89, kids from Pre-k to 8 grade have a chance to buy their favorite books for low prices. It will be located in the schools library room 108. There will be different books, pencils,erasers, bookmarks and much more. We hope you all come and buy something. Thank you for your time

Write to Read Day-2018

          Write to Read Day, an event where many authors, artists, performers and such come is a special day for our school. Authors, performers, artists and such come to our school to show students about their work and There will first be a a conference where the students will watch a performance and listen to the keynote speaker. This year, Clay McLeod Chapman is our keynote speaker, who wrote Tribe: Homeroom Headhunters. Some have hands-on activities for the students and special performances.

First Rule

          Clay McLeod Chapman is author of the Tribe series, and has published comics, short stories, screenplays and such. Many of his work has been adapted to live action short films and is now taking part of writing episodes of an upcoming Netflix show. He‚Äôll have a creative writing workshop where he will talk to students about how it‚Äôs like being an author.

            One of the many authors coming to our school is Celia C. Perez. Celia is the author of the book ‚ÄúFirst Rule of Punk‚ÄĚ the book is about a girl whose parent have split up, She lives with her mother who is Mexica. Although she lives with her mom, she is more connected with her father, who is into punk. Due to that, she wants to be able to express herselfand show her interests; punk rock. In her workshop, you‚Äôll be able to learn the art of zines, as well as make your own

             La Bruja is a poet, playwright, singer and a songwriter. She will be performing for the conference and have her own workshop. In total, La Bruja has released two music albums, written for plays, television and more. Based on that, she is a multi-talented artist and for her workshop, students will be able to write poetry. She makes different poems that is about the real world and how she sees it.

             Center for the Book Arts will have their bookmaking workshop, where students will be able to make their own books. It has a facility in Manhattan, where it contains book art, printmaking studios and such. Students will be able to sew their own books and take it home.

              Joe Therrien is a professional puppeteer who uses his puppets to express political opinions. Along with that, he is a musician and this will behis fifth time coming to Write to Read Day. He has created giant puppets, stick puppets and has taken part of puppet shows. Students will be able to learn about puppets and eventually, make their own sock puppet.

         The last hands on activities is our Nintendo Labo workshop, which will be released on April 20th. Students will be able to make their own DIY cardboard projects that can be brought to life using the Nintendo Switch. Technology strategist, Dion Bailey and computer programmer, Erin Sparling will join us to learn about the product.

The First Rule Of Punk

First RuleThe First Rule of Punk¬†by Celia C. Perez is about a girl named Mal√ļ (Mar√≠a Luisa if you want to annoy her) who loves rock music, skateboarding and zines. Her parents are divorced and her mom found a job in¬†Chicago so Mal√ļ has to move with her there. When it is Mal√ļ’s first day in her new Middle school in Chicago she wants to express herself with her punk clothes, music and makeup, but the “Queen bee” of the school, Selena, always finds a way to get her in trouble. ¬†But that doesn’t make Mal√ļ stop doing what she loves. In fact, it motivates her to follow her heart.

Along with that, she has her mother, also referred to as ‘Super perez_featureMexican’ holding her back from being free to express herself. ¬†Her mom always tells her to stop being a punk and be a nice Mexican Se√Īorita like her, but Mal√ļ will always stay with her punk like her dad taught her.

One day, she makes friends and together, decide to start a rock band, They create songs with drums and other instruments. The only thing concerning Mal√ļ is what if her mom finds out? If you want to find out more about the book, hear the music, or the places in Chicago featured in the story, you can visit

Celia will join us on May 25th for Write to Read Day 2018 where students can learn about how to make their own zine!


Protagonist Parade

The Protagonist Parade is an event in our school where each class chooses a book and dresses up as the characters. Each class walks around the school to show off their costumes and their reading spirit. We do this to inspire each other to read different books out of our comfort zones and celebrate our favorite characters.

Here in Library House, past themes were Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, Greek gods and Divergent.  Past themes in the school have included Harry Potter, Cat in the Hat, The Giver, The Outsiders, Caps for Sale, Click Clack Moo, The Wizard of Oz, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the Magic School Bus. 

We’ll give you one hint what our costumes will be this year…

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If you want to learn more about our characters, check out the books by Bill Watterson in the graphic novel section!

Sayaka Nagata- 2017 Write to read day presenter

Sayaka Nagata is a visual artist who will be presenting at this years write to read day at Chcs. ¬†She was born in 1982 in Yamasaki, Japan. Growing up she wasn’t ¬†really Involved With any animals, Even so now she is ¬†fascinated the relationship between humans and animals. Many of her painting like the one shown below include both animals and humans. Now she lives and works in New York and is a Brooklyn-based artist. Nagata believes in language beyond words, Which she says is¬†probably the reason why she picked up painting and art. Her relationship with her own animals (Two cats) are important and inspire her as well. Please check out her website and more of her amazing artwork by clicking the link below. ¬†

Sayaka Nagata

BOB_PETEY“I cannot imagine a life without these relationships, where no human words are uttered yet thousands of sentiments are felt.” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† -Sayaka Nagata

Poster Raffle

raffle-tickets1We are having a poster raffle where we sell tickets for 25 cents. We have 32 posters which means that there will be 32 winners! The types of posters we have are sports, animals, cars, etc. We will be selling the tickets during the book fair in room 411 on December 14 to the 18. Click the link to take a look at the posters!51e4vrufbhl-_sy300_

Tendremos una rifa de posters y venderemos entradas por 25 centavos. Tenemos 32 poster entonces quiere decir que va a tener 32 ganadores! Los tipos de posters son de deportes, animales, carros, etc. Vamos a vender los entradas durante la Feria de Libros en cuarto 411 desde el 14 de diciembre al 18. Hace clic en el link para ver al posters.


Scholastic Book Fair!

Library House is very excited for the winter book fair! All classes are going to have the opportunity to come to the book fair and buy awesome books. In addition to that you can also shop online here with your families from December 9th to December 29. The book fair is happening on Monday-Friday, December 14-18. If you would love to volunteer, fill out the flyer delivered by library house with when you are able to help. We are setting up on Friday December 11th. Hope you guys come and get your favorite books.


El Casa De Biblioteca está muy orgullosa para la Feria de Libros! Todas las clases tienen la oportunidad para venir a la feria para comprar libros. Puedes comprar en el internet con tu familia desde el 9 asta el 29 de diciembre. La feria comienza el lunes a viernes, diciembre 14-18. Si quieres ser un voluntario, llena el volante entregado de la casa de biblioteca con cuando tu puedes ayudar. Estamos preparando la feria viernes el 11 de diciembre. Esperamos verles allí.

Gourd Decorating Contest

The gourds for the decorating competition have already been delivered. All pumpkins will be collected on Wednesday, November 25th, 2015. The gourd decorating contest is when you can transform a pumpkin, squash, or gourd into a book character. The library house will vote on the pumpkins they find the most creative. The class with the winning pumpkin will receive a pumpkin pie party.

Check out this slideshow for inspirational ideas! (You need to log in to your Cypress Hills account to access.)

May the odds be ever in your favor!


Hemos repartido las calabazas para nuestro concurso.  Vamos a coleccionarlas miercoles, el 25 de noviembre.  Pueden transformar sus calabazas y calabacines para ser personajes de libros!  La clase que tiene la calabaza mas creativa ganara una fiesta de torta de calabaza casera, hecha por Library House.

Pueden usar esta presentacion para ideas!  (Necesitan entrar a sus cuentas de CHCS para accesarla.)

Que la suerte esté siempre de su lado!