Cooking in Quarantine #1: Homemade Tortillas

They’re sold in almost every store in NYC and popular among us latinos, usually eaten with tacos, burritos, and traditional Mexican food like barbacoa (steamed goat) or frijoles con cecina y salsa (clack beans with homemade hot sauce and salty beef). Originally named tlaxcalli , Tortillas originated in Mexico by Aztecs before European contact. Ever since then people have known tortillas most commonly in tacos and in other Mexican dishes.

  • Tortilla flour or tamale flour
  • Warm water
  • A tortilla press and two pieces of plastic or by hand
  • A flat cooking pan

You must only use these types of flours. If you do not have a tortilla press you can do it with the palm of your hands. You must use warm water and you must have the two plastic sheets if your using the press.


Step 1: Wash your hands and clean your working space.

Step 2: Pour the amount of flour you will be using in the container you will be using and make a little crater in the middle. Every cup of flour will yield 5 tortillas.

1 cup flour = 5 tortillas
2 cups flour = 10 tortillas
3 cups flour = 15 tortillas

Step 3: Warm up your water and pour it in the little crater and mix it with both hands, Until it feels like soft play doh.

Step 4: Grab a portion of your tortilla dough and create a small ball between both of your hands, the size of your ring finger. Do this until all the dough is rolled.

Step 5: One by one put a dough ball between the two plastic sheets in the tortilla press and press down as hard as you can, until it’s flat. While your doing this, heat up your flat pan.

Step 6: Put your tortilla on the heated pan and leave it there for 10 seconds before flipping and leaving the other side for a minute or 2.

After you wait for a minute or 2, flip and you may see that it will start to puff. This is a good sign. Leave it there for a minute before taking it out and leaving to rest.

Step 7: After you finish with all your tortillas leave them to rest for a minute and cover them with a paper towel to contain the warmness.

Step 8: Enjoy them any way you like !!!