Out of the Bubble

Part I

Where you grow

Up what you seen 

And live since you

Were out of the


                  Wish you stayed in the bubble.

No worrying

No responsibility

No arguments

No problems 

No sadness 

No contact from the contaminated


Part 2 

Your mom’s promises

To keep you safe 

Can’t and it’s not enough 

To protect you.

                  You are set free like

                  A bird in an unknown 

                  Dangerous habitat, everyone,

                  EVERYONE it’s their

                  Own species. All separated

                  By species, color, money and 


Separated without 

Knowing we’re all 





We always forget 

 We’re all going 

      To the 




Am I going to feel safe while walking 

Am I going to feel safe wearing a hoodie

Am I going to feel save driving a nice car

Am I going to stop 

Worrying about 

Getting shot because 





            Something superficial

            Defines who you are 

            And how they see you.

on September 24, the U.S government started an investigation

against the tribe leader trump.

the tribe against the leader?

if hes hands are darty hes going down like a fly







g from the

s y

k with out a parachute to catch him

the leader most always be honest and loyal to the

morals and honor the tribes selection to make him

the tribe leader.

when a group of villagers realizes their doubts about

the leader’s integrity.

others will decide if the leader hands are clean or if his dirty laundry is going out to the sun and getting on fire.

you better watch out they are coming for you.

will you survive?