Write to Read Day-2018

          Write to Read Day, an event where many authors, artists, performers and such come is a special day for our school. Authors, performers, artists and such come to our school to show students about their work and There will first be a a conference where the students will watch a performance and listen to the keynote speaker. This year, Clay McLeod Chapman is our keynote speaker, who wrote Tribe: Homeroom Headhunters. Some have hands-on activities for the students and special performances.

First Rule          Clay McLeod Chapman is author of the Tribe series, and has published comics, short stories, screenplays and such. Many of his work has been adapted to live action short films and is now taking part of writing episodes of an upcoming Netflix show. He’ll have a creative writing workshop where he will talk to students about how it’s like being an author.

            One of the many authors coming to our school is Celia C. Perez. Celia is the author of the book “First Rule of Punk” the book is about a girl whose parent have split up, She lives with her mother who is Mexica. Although she lives with her mom, she is more connected with her father, who is into punk. Due to that, she wants to be able to express herselfand show her interests; punk rock. In her workshop, you’ll be able to learn the art of zines, as well as make your own

             La Bruja is a poet, playwright, singer and a songwriter. She will be performing for the conference and have her own workshop. In total, La Bruja has released two music albums, written for plays, television and more. Based on that, she is a multi-talented artist and for her workshop, students will be able to write poetry. She makes different poems that is about the real world and how she sees it.

             Center for the Book Arts will have their bookmaking workshop, where students will be able to make their own books. It has a facility in Manhattan, where it contains book art, printmaking studios and such. Students will be able to sew their own books and take it home.

              Joe Therrien is a professional puppeteer who uses his puppets to express political opinions. Along with that, he is a musician and this will behis fifth time coming to Write to Read Day. He has created giant puppets, stick puppets and has taken part of puppet shows. Students will be able to learn about puppets and eventually, make their own sock puppet.

         The last hands on activities is our Nintendo Labo workshop, which will be released on April 20th. Students will be able to make their own DIY cardboard projects that can be brought to life using the Nintendo Switch. Technology strategist, Dion Bailey and computer programmer, Erin Sparling will join us to learn about the product.


The Tribe: Homeroom Headhunters

Spencer Pendleton has recently transferred to a new school called Greenfield Middle, where he will supposedly get a fresh start after starting a fire in his previous school. However, after he encounters a bully and has an asthma attack, students label him as a ‘loser.‘ He always gets himself into trouble and causes chaos within the classroom.  Instead of blending in with the crowd, Spencer stands out and catches the attention of a group of mysterious people around him.


There’s a tribe that exists within the school, full of runaway kids that originally attended Greenfield Middle. They own the school using weapons that were made out of office supplies and they live off of cafeteria food. He sees them through the cracks between the ceiling tiles and encounters them when he least expects it. To his confusion, the school staff and students don’t have any knowledge of their presence and assume that on top of being a troublemaker, Spencer is a liar.

But they are wrong.

Reading Homeroom Headhunters was an interesting experience for me. It reminded me of all those movies where the new kid arrives at school, and they have to rise to power. However, in Spencer’s case, he doesn’t care about rising to power, nor his reputation. I’m able to relate to Spencer and his perspective of the world. He views most things in a humorous way and attempts to crack a joke every now and then. In fact, my most favorite part of the book was a dialogue between him and the assistant principal.

“‘Well Jim,’ I leaned in. ‘Do you mind if I call you Jim?’ I said, chuckling.
It’s Principal Pritchard.’
Don’t you mean Ass-istant Principal, sir?’
-page 37

Unlike books I usually read, Homeroom Headhunters is topped off with a great amount of humor and literature references. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a funny book full of adventure and full of what if’s. Find out what happens next in Spencer’s journey at the library. You can also meet Clay McLeod Chapman, the author of the book, at Write to Read Day.






The First Rule Of Punk

First RuleThe First Rule of Punk by Celia C. Perez is about a girl named Malú (María Luisa if you want to annoy her) who loves rock music, skateboarding and zines. Her parents are divorced and her mom found a job in Chicago so Malú has to move with her there. When it is Malú’s first day in her new Middle school in Chicago she wants to express herself with her punk clothes, music and makeup, but the “Queen bee” of the school, Selena, always finds a way to get her in trouble.  But that doesn’t make Malú stop doing what she loves. In fact, it motivates her to follow her heart.

Along with that, she has her mother, also referred to as ‘Super perez_featureMexican’ holding her back from being free to express herself.  Her mom always tells her to stop being a punk and be a nice Mexican Señorita like her, but Malú will always stay with her punk like her dad taught her.

One day, she makes friends and together, decide to start a rock band, They create songs with drums and other instruments. The only thing concerning Malú is what if her mom finds out? If you want to find out more about the book, hear the music, or the places in Chicago featured in the story, you can visit celiacperez.com.

Celia will join us on May 25th for Write to Read Day 2018 where students can learn about how to make their own zine!


Battle of the books (January)

This month we decided that the books that should compete are Sisters by Raina Telgemeier and Cardboard By Doug TenNapel.

Related imageImage result for sister bok VSImage result for cardboard bookImage result

The book Sisters is about Raina and her sister Amara always fighting nonstop.  One day when they went on a road trip to Colorado to go see their family, they started to get closer and closer to each other.

The book Cardboard was about a little boy named Cam who lost his mother and his dad had to take care of him.  When it was Cam’s birthday his dad didn’t have any money so he bought him cardboard to make something with him, but the cardboard was magical and this neighbor name Marcus stole some and started to make monsters that come to life and take over the world.

We decided we should go to 3 and 4 grade.  A lot of the students in 3rd grade chose Cardboard  and in fourth grade it was even- some kids chose Cardboard  and Sisters.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 2.29.49 PM

This up here is the graph of how many voted for Cardboard and Sisters. Sisters has 84 votes and Cardboard has 103 votes.One of the 4th graders said “I love how Cardboard has adventure and action”. Another 4th grade said that sisters reminds me of me and sister and how we fight a lot but not as much anymore.The rest of the 4th and 3rd grades said that the both books are very funny and grabs their attention.As we can all see Cardboard won, but both of the books are special in their own ways.

In my opinion i think anybody of any age can read these both books, but I only chose 4th and 3rd grade because those are the grades I read those books.  Honestly, I think that a lot of the kids chose the book that grabbed their attention, but it doesn’t matter if the book has a pretty cover or not its about if the book inspires you or catches your attention about what is happening.Maybe next time digital committee will choose a two book that are easier and will catch the little kids attention.

Stay tune for next month which we will be doing Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi vs Bone by Jeff Smith.

Long Way Down

Written in the format of poetry, Jason Reynold’s Long Way Down has caught my interests, being the first novel in verse I’ve encountered. Will, the main character, lives in a neighborhood where there are certain rules to follow or else there will be consequences. He is kept there, along with his mother and older brother, Shawn. His older brother is someone Will looks up to, yet some dark secrets are kept hidden in Shawn’s drawer. 

The rules Will needs to follow include…

Long Way Down

Don’t. No matter what. Don’t
Don’t. No matter what. Don’t.
If someone you love gets killed,
find the person who killed
them and kill
them.”  -pg. 31-33

Everything changes after his brother is shot, leading to his death that sets a spark off within Will. Sadness has taken another level, taking a form of a monster that Will cannot control. It brings light to Shawn’s character and who he truly is, revealing secrets and what led to his death.

Will decides to take action into his own hands, seeking revenge for the death of his brother. He suspects it was Shawn’s friend, Carlson Riggs, who has moved to another part of the neighborhood where it’s the most dangerous. The only problem was…how can he do it without getting himself killed? Was Carlson Riggs even the murderer, or was Will just mistaken? How will he make sure that no one will come after him after he kills Carlson as revenge?

Favorite quotes:

Another thing about the rules…
They weren’t mean to be broken.
They were meant for the 
to follow.”
-Another Thing About the Rules, page 35

People always love people more when they’re dead.”
-It Used To Be Different, page 43

The second quote is more meaningful for me due to the fact that it speaks the truth in some dark way. For example, Vincent Van Gogh received no recognition throughout his career as a painter, but after his death, people began recognizing his work and he became someone. He wasn’t a nobody anymore but gained a title.

While reading this, I felt this anticipation for learning even more secrets that would impact the story. Long Way Down is one of those novels where you have to pay attention to every single detail or else you’ll become lost, sort of like a detective. It shows the way fear manages to change people and what that can do to you.

Find out what happens next in the library.


Red pyramid(Kane Chronicles)

redpyramidThe Kane chronicles is a good series in general, but I’m specifically explaining why I recommend The Red Pyramid. Well first off I just wanna say this book catches your attention at the exact beginning. Just read this!

“We only have a few hours so listen carefully. If you’re hearing this story, you’re already in danger. Sadie and I might be your only chance.”

(It’s supposed to be a recording, just saying.) Now I don’t know about you but that’s really interesting to me. Another thing I liked was how all three books are written from the perspective of Carter or Saide, indicated at the top of the chapter by the title.

I enjoyed how the book has to do with Egyptian gods. One way is having both Sadie and Carter inhabit the two gods Isis and Horus. The second way is how they describe certain gods in the way they actually look according to Egyptian mythology and others in their own way, as humans. Here’s as example with Anubis, Egyptian god of death:

“a good-looking boy of about sixteen dressed in black robes. His complexion was pale, but he had lovely brown eyes… His black hair was long and tousled.”

Interesting for a human. And also he has a form were he turns into a little puppy, so cute! Anyway, another thing I like about this book was how even though it contains A LOT of fantasy, it also might inspire young readers to go deeper into the book and search up somethings about Egyptian mythology! It certainly made me want learn more about Egyptian mythology, especially the gods!!


20 Days Into Winter

Prompt: Write a story involving a scarf, a poorly wrapped present and a kiss.

On the 20th day of winter, Enzo came to realize that he might end up dying alone.

At first, he wasn’t that concerned about it, often avoiding the topic of romance and relationships. However, it seemed that said topic tended to chase after him. Enzo was perplexed over the situation, wondering what the most logical solution would be and how to dodge it in the quickest, swiftest way possible.

The thing was…his own mother was the one speaking to him about it.

There was no escape this time.

It wasn’t that he hated the thought of it. Sure, he’d thought of the topic at times, but he never imagined himself actually pursuing a romantic relationship. Whoa, the thought sent chills down his spine just thinking about it! Enzo shrugged it off, looking around the safe haven, the apartment. This time, he wasn’t alone. His mother’s strong presence was currently in the kitchen, preparing him a meal, despite with the smallest of things, his mother swatted his hand away and mumbled that instead of helping, he would just make it a mess. Even he, himself knew she was right. However, Enzo insisted that he could do it himself.

He was also known to be quite stubborn

“Are you sure there isn’t anything I can do?” He questioned once more, watching as his mother prepared the salad, not bothering to turn around to look at him. For a moment, she didn’t answer, which led to him leaning against the doorway while repeating his question. She soon surrendered, answering coldly, “Fine. Take out the trash.” Enzo nodded, walking towards the garbage can, quickly emptying it out. Before stepping out of the apartment, Enzo snatched his keys off the kitchen countertop.

Walking along the narrow hallway while stuffing his keys into his pocket, Enzo noticed how they finally repainted the hallway with a fresh coat of dizzying white and black. Some doors were left open, wide enough to give Enzo a glimpse into the apartment. Though Enzo preferred to avoid his neighbors without reason whatsoever, he was still interested in their lives. He heard disembodied voices of a male calling for someone, raising his voice louder and louder. Enzo finally reached the lobby, reaching the end of the maze as he noticed the impending dusk…

He hastily dumped the trash into the garbage bin, hearing the familiar sounds of the city and its restless atmosphere. Letting out a sigh, he looked down the street for a split second but paused at the sight of a figure. Furrowing his brows, he watched as the figure came into clear view, realizing that it was his neighbor, Addilyn. It was like seeing a ghost, feeling his palms sweat and his heartbeat quicken its pace. Despite having a few conversations with her, he wasn’t stable enough to talk to her outside of the building.

Now that was just crossing the line.

Instead of running away, he decided to simply duck behind a trash bin, holding his breath while he heard her footsteps becoming louder by every second. It reminded him of those horror films that may or may not have kept him up all night. Enzo began to pick at the skin around his fingernails, wishing to bleed long enough for him to pass out. For a second, he felt the floor begin to sway under his feet, warning him to calm down enough to ease his breathing. Enzo felt like he was in a horror movie, waiting for the reason of his death to approach, to emerge from the shadows. Once her familiar red combat boots came into vision, he looked up at her, rising from his spot behind a trash bin.

“Enzo? Is that you?” She asked, still maintaining a distance due to the other times he panicked when she approached him. Enzo’s hiding place had been discovered. What on Earth was he going to do now? Enzo gulped loudly, wiping his sweaty palms with his jeans.

“No Addilyn, it’s not me. You’re mistaken.” He replied hastily, clutching the hem of his sweatshirt to the point his knuckles turned ghostly white. Addilyn arched a brow as she went even closer, knowing exactly where that line was from. Under her layers of clothing was something Enzo detected almost immediately, watching as she held it under her jacket. For a second, he predicted she would roll her eyes at him, but that was completely false when she flashed him a bright smile.

“Very funny, Enzo. Anyway, where were you during the Christmas party? I was sort of um…looking for you,” She explained shyly, watching as Enzo tugged nervously on a strand of his raven black hair. He prayed that she couldn’t detect his nervousness, making him flush crimson. It was strange. Out of all the human interactions Enzo’s had, this was the one that made him nervous, even sweating. Was it an allergic reaction? Maybe it was his body’s way of telling him to run away or to hate her. However, there wasn’t anything that he could find that could lead to him hating her. “I had a last minute invite to a family event. Sorry, I didn’t tell you guys,” he apologized while scratching the back of his head.

“Such a shame. I…sort of wanted you to be there.” She admitted while staring at the ground in embarrassment, flushing red. Enzo’s head was spinning, wondering what that truly meant. Was it a bad thing? He attempted to wipe his sweaty palms on his jeans once more, trying to get out of the conversation as quickly as possible. He could already hear his mother’s taunting laughter from outside the building, was he hearing things?

“Why?” He asked curiously, noticing how Addilyn kept trying to cover something in her green coat. Perhaps Enzo could fake an allergic reaction in order to escape the conversation. Yeah, maybe that would work. Just a few more minutes of embarrassment, then he was free to go. “I wanted to give you your present. I’m your Secret Santa…surprise?” She flashed a sheepish smile, letting her eyes turn to crescents. He furrowed his brows, scrunching his nose in confusion at what she meant by that. Was he over analyzing things?


Secret Santa?

Of course! That’s why his neighbor, Fred kept bugging him after the event. He would interrogate him in the hallway, laundry room, lobby, even at his apartment. Enzo still had emotional scars, remembering all the panic, suspense, and sweat. Wait, who did he get for Secret Santa? He recalled it was a female and he bought gloves for said girl. Now that he thought of it, he was wearing the same jacket he was wearing when he was given the name. However, he couldn’t picture the name due to being in a conversation with Addilyn.

“Oh, really? I should’ve known. No one dropped by to give me a…a present.” Oh no! He stuttered. Enzo wanted to walk away in shame, go anywhere but face her. Addilyn parted her lips, close to saying something before deciding to reveal the thing she was hiding first. It took a second for Enzo to recognize the thing she was holding tightly, widening his eyes in utter shock. Slowly, his eyes trailed up to meet her soft gaze. “I got this for you. Remember when you first moved in and told me how you lost your scarf on the way here? I know you probably replaced it, but I still wanted to get you another one, just in case you lose another scarf.” She explained, shakily handing it to him with a fond expression. Enzo couldn’t believe it! She still remembered that story?

“Th..thank you, Addilyn. I don’t have your gift right now…sorry.” He whispered the last bit, hanging his head in utter shame. She let out a soft giggle, assuring him that he can give it to her another time. His thumb traced over the stitching, feeling the soft material of the red scarf and hoping it will last long enough. However, he wasn’t a huge fan of the fact that she attempted to wrap it, arching a brow at the ripped wrapping paper and a ribbon to top it off. Enzo decided not to say anything about it, remembering how offended some people get when he points out flaws.

“How did you know you were going to run into me though?” He questioned, looking up at her chocolate orbs. Addilyn shrugged sheepishly, stuffing her hands into her pockets while she tried to seek warmth. This time, Enzo wasn’t oblivious. He quickly wrapped the scarf around her neck, protecting her neck from the unbearable wind. Addilyn quietly thanked him, continuing to answer this question. “I just got a feeling, y’know?”

He knows that feeling.

“I have to go. Thanks again for the present, Addilyn.” She nodded, waving him goodbye as watched him walk away. He couldn’t believe it. She really remembered the story he told her all those years ago and used that in order to give him a gift. Sure, he already had scarves, but he could use another. Enzo let out a sigh, staring at the cold pavement. What was this weird feeling bubbling inside him? Was it an illness? Had he been contaminated? No, it was probably the allergic reaction. That has to be it! That would be the only reason why he can’t stop playing that moment over and over-

“Wait, Enzo!” He spun towards the source of her voice, trying to initiate a small smile, making the ends of his lips tug upwards slightly. Addilyn approached him cautiously, giving him an unreadable expression as she mumbled something before suddenly grabbing at his collar, yanking him forward. He didn’t have any time to react as she slammed her lips against his, surprising him to the maximum. Enzo didn’t know how to act in this scenario. Was he supposed to do something? How long does it have to last before it becomes awkward?

Addilyn soon let go, trying to look at his reaction, realizing how shocked he was. The two stayed quiet for a moment before he spoke,

“Why did you do that?”

For a second, he thought he chose the wrong words with Addilyn’s furrowed brows and pursed lips. However, his worries faded away as she laughed at his question, showing him a smile Enzo immediately loved. Wait, there’s that feeling again. It’s hitting him like a wave, but…

it’s more intense now.


“Isn’t it obvious? I sort of…well, I sort of have feelings for you. Also, you left your scarf.” She quickly reminded, giving the scarf to him with a hopeful expression. That still didn’t answer his question. Scratch that. It did answer his question.

So that means…

No…can it? Now it makes sense!

“I…I have feelings for you, too.” He came to a realization. Addilyn’s grin grew even wider, parting her lips to react to his confession before-

His mother appeared into view, unfortunately.

“Enzo, where were you? You’ve been gone for 30 minutes. I thought you fell down the stairs again or something.” Enzo screamed internally at his mother’s last sentence, hoping Addilyn wasn’t judging him, especially in this moment. His mother soon stared at the two of them, giving him a questioning look. “So, you finally caught on to my advice?”

“Mother, now’s not the time…” he grumbled, clenching his jaw in annoyance as he ran his hand through his hair.

“25 years! It took you 25 years for you to find someone!” She reminded as Addilyn giggled in the background.