Partner In Crime

Prompt: Write about having a complicated friendship with someone.

“I hate you so much right now, I can’t even look at you without sighing in disgust,” you grumbled, refusing to look at him in the eye. That only set more fuel to his teasing, feeling the tip of his index finger poke you repeatedly. It all came to an end when you swatted his hand away like a fly, hearing the sound echoing down the hall.

“Excuse me, I can’t talk to you right now if you’re going to be so emotional,” he teased, grinning cheekily at you.

“I….despise you.” You stabbed his chest repeatedly with the tip of your index finger. He rolled his eyes. “I despise you,” He imitated, dodging a playful swing from you that made him burst out laughing. You once again attempted to take a swing at him with your clenched fist, reaching upwards towards him and soon gave up, pouting in defeat. The male ruffled your hair and apologized for his egregious crime, which was beating you in a board game.

“Wow, you’re grumpier today. Did something happen?” You shook your head while biting your inner right cheek, glancing at him leaning down a bit to reach your eye level. “I got a bad grade on my test…” you confessed while hanging your head in shame and pure embarrassment. Instead of laughing at you like his usual behavior, he gave you a look of pity and patted your head as a possible sign of comfort. However, it didn’t help your mood at all. If anything, it just made you even more upset at the fact that he was pitying you over your failure.

“It’s okay. I got a bad grade too. Unlike you, I didn’t study at all, so I guess I deserved it. Just ask for a makeup test or something. You’ll probably do better,” he assured, earning a small, appreciative smile from you. For once, he was saying something that was actually helpful. “You’re right. I-I actually haven’t thought of that. I guess I’ll email her.” You decided with a confident nod of approval. He hummed in agreement and leaned against the wall while looking at the end of the hall to find no one.

“Can I tell you something?” Your eye met his and you nodded in confirmation.

“What is it?” He stared at the floor sheepishly, biting his lip as he tried to find the right words.

“You promised we were going to that comic store today so I sort of want to go now since we’re free. I’m just reminding you since it looks like you sort of forgot.” He mumbled quietly. You arched an eyebrow at his sudden reminder, immediately flashing back to you promising him over visiting said store once the last class finished on Friday. The interlocked pinkies as a sign of the promise.


“Alright, alright. We’ll go after I pick up my textbook. Let’s go.” He nodded and joined you on the journey to retrieve your textbook. Of course, you didn’t forget to attempt to trip him, but you failed as usual. “Did you just….you know what? No. I’m just going to forget that ever happened,” he muttered while taking a moment to glance at you in amusement from the side.

“Thanks,” he whispered lowly. You looked upwards at him, raising an eyebrow in confusion. “For what?”

“For keeping your promise. I guess you’re a good person after all,” He admitted, not daring to meet your brown orbs. The male ran his hand through his hair, biting his bottom lip to restrain himself from showing you an embarrassed blush. “So you thought I wasn’t a good person in the beginning?” you interrogated. Realizing his choice of words, he let out a groan, knowing you’ll be petty over it for the rest of the week. He whispered curses under his breath, wanting to disappear and return perhaps a month later.

“No-No! That’s not what I meant. I just meant that I thought you were like the rest; always forgetting their promise and when I remind them, they just shrug it off and offer me something else. At least you’re not one of those people. God, I hate that type of person.” He whispered the last bit. Your anger soon died out after hearing his explanation. “Alright, fine. I forgive you. Do something like that again, and I’ll punch you.” You threatened, earning a chuckle from him, but he nodded in agreement.

“I approve of your threat, even though it’s endangering me.”

“And I approve of your approval,” you added, finally showing him a grin at your own comment. He stared at you with a judging expression, soon rolling his eyes at you while mumbling inaudible things. Most likely insults. Yeah, most likely insults.

“Was that completely necess–”

“-ary? Yes. Yes, it was completely necessary.” You cut him off. He let out a long sigh of disapproval.

“You are unbelieva-”

“-bly amazing? Yes, I know.” He didn’t dare to add anything else, deciding to remain quiet the whole journey to retrieve your textbook. The only sound he could hear was your laugh echoing down the halls and your constant teasing, making his lips tug upwards sometimes.


not fully.

But close enough.


Creative Writing Prompts

  1. “It began with a whisper. More and more whispers joined it until it was a deafening wall of sound.”
  2. They were playing hide and seek when he disappeared. She spent the rest of her life looking for him.
  3. You walk into your friends’ room to find him preening his feathers.
  4. Their wings were stuck. They did not have the energy it would take to magic them away. (Could go with prompt 3)
  5. Midnight on your 18th birthday you wake up in your soulmates body. You have one hour to do what you want.
  6. Two high schoolers end up in the yearbook as ‘Most likely to get married’. They’re really close best friends.
  7. “The raindrops hit his skin like knives, but he didn’t move, the bus would come any minute.”
  8. Write a story about a person who has a mental illness where he/she cannot say, “I love you.” What happens? Does he or she ever get over it? How? (Compulsive liar or narcissist)
  9. Write a story about someone who is a serial monogamist and who may not understand what love truly means.
  10. Write a story in the format of love letters.
  11. Make a story about someone searching for what love means. (Can mean family love, romantic love or friendship love)
  12. Someone doesn’t believe in love and thinks they’ll never find it.
  13. If love could take the form of an object, animal or human being. This being represented, love. The story revolves around a group of characters who come into contact with the manifestation of love. (Ants-you could never really get rid of them no matter what)
  14. If love had a mind of its own. What beauty or tragedy would come out of it? If we happened to follow it completely with trust?
  15. Comedy over partner A trying to tell partner B they love them (for the first time). It always goes horribly wrong.
  16. Random object triggers an object of memory lapse in a character. Including animate or inanimate object that can trigger it. Character interactions with the world, a choice for them to be aware or unaware of these happenings.
  17. Tragedy happened. Don’t make it clear of what happened. Use thoughts, imagery and other elements to hint it.
  18. A musician is unable to play music again after a tragic accident. (Could be a violinist, pianist and they become paralyzed)
  19. Character wakes up to find someone or something else lying in bed.
  20. After waking up, the character finds a corpse on the floor, beside his bed.
  21. Man is severely depressed and strongly contemplating suicide.
  22. Main character’s goal is to not let a loved one commit suicide.
  23. Story over the main character waking up from a failed suicide attempt. (They could be trying over and over, but always live in the end)
  24. Someone needs to solve a murder mystery. However, their main resource is someone who suffers from a memory impairment and can only retrace certain details at a specific time.
  25. Main character’s best friend passed away and is told through the phone call.
  26. “It was then you realized that hell was winter, and you were in love with it.”


Prompt: Write a poem or short story by what you can’t see.

I can’t see..

what they see
sometimes I question,
if I’ll ever be the 
same as them.
They see the light.
They see the end of the tunnel while
I see the ocean
and endless pit of darkness
and anxiety. 
They see the world as their home, 
their realm.
I see it as another place
I’m forced to call home.
The world I was sent to,
never being able to return to 
my own version of home. 
The monsters and ghosts
that haunt me will
drive them to the
brink of their sanity.
My ocean would 
drown them,
pulling them into the
endless thoughts of it’s…
I can’t see the brightness of 
the world. 
I can’t see the good in 
Why make friends
if you’re going to use them to 
your advantage?
To break them,
to shake them into 
to destroy them from 
the inside. 
You might as well try to
break them
before they break you
I can’t see it. 
Blinded by my emotions,
I can’t blend in
like the rest. 
I can’t see the purity and
good in anything.
All I see are scars and broken halves…
coming to get what they lost.
I wish I could see again. 


Prompt: Write a poem or a short story about a random word and what it means to you in your own words.

What happens when you can’t stop
because they are

Spreading, spreading. 

That blissful feeling…
when I smile at you,
and you smile back,

Makes my heart pound
like there’s no tomorrow.

Spreading, spreading.


When you cry
and I join you. I hold you closely…
shushing you from your sobs.
Ignoring my aching heart,
from its somberness.

I can’t hold you back
from your wails of agony
and despair.

Spreading, spreading.

The sorrow I feel…
spreading like spilled water,
drowning my heart
in regrets and guilt.

February is more lonely now…
now that you’re long gone.
The long, anticipated breath
of February
fills me with misery.

And the fact that you’re
not smiling at me now.

Spreading, spreading.

Clutching your letters
that you sent,
I stare at your name.
Engraved into a gravestone.
The grief that shot through
us when you lost.

You lost the game…
the game that you were so
used to beating.

Spreading, pausing…
deep breath,

Battle of the books (November)

This year we’re introducing a new monthly post, Battle of the Books.  Battle of the books is when a member of Library House comes into your classroom and reads a page of the two books that the class has to choose from.  This month, digital committee presents…

Image result for greg heffley
Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Related image
Dork Diaries

The 1st Dork Diaries book, Tales From a Not-So-Fabulous Life, is about Nikki introducing herself and telling her story about the guy she likes and how this girl was trying to steal him from her.  The page we read for Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Long Haul, (the 9th book) is about how Greg’s mom wants Greg to go outside because it is not natural for a kid like him to stay inside, but Greg obviously does not agree with his mom at all.  Most of the classes thought that it was funny that Greg does not want to leave his house and that Nikki is so jealous that the girl Mackenzie was trying to steal her true love Brandon.

chartOne of the third graders said “I choose Dork Diaries because it is challenging to read and I like that.”  Another third grader said, “I like Diary of a Wimpy Kid because it has a movie and it explains more.”  Most of the third, fourth, and fifth graders said that both of the books are funny, but in the end Diary of a Wimpy Kid won the battle as you can see from the graph.

In my opinion I think that all of the grades voted more for Dairy of a Wimpy Kid because most of the time boys think that Dork Diaries is a “girl book” and Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a “boy book” so they choose Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but a lot of the girls voted for Diary of a Wimpy Kid too.  Girls were able to vote for Diary of a Wimpy Kid society has made it able for girls to express themselves, even their inner masculinity. Meanwhile, males haven’t gained the chance to express their interests due to them not having the opportunity and not feeling like they are allowed to.

The fact that there’s a movie for Diary of a Wimpy Kid means kids who don’t like to read can go and watch the movie so that they have the same experience as the people who do read the series.

I’m glad that a lot of the kids in the classes showed that you can choose any book that grabs your attention.

Scholastic Book Fair

Library House is pleased to announce that we will be starting the 2017 Winter Book Fair. This means that Elementary classes will have the opportunity to visit the book fair and buy books. Middle School Students will not have a preview time but they will be able to buy books. It would happen Monday through Friday, December 18-22. If you want to volunteer, you can fill out the form that will be delivered by Library House to inform when you are able to help. We will be setting up on Friday, December 15. We hope you would be able to come and buy your favorite books.

Book Fair 2017.png

La casa de la biblioteca se complace en anunciar que estaremos comenzando la Feria del libro de invierno de 2017. Esto significa que todas las clases tendrán la oportunidad de visitar la Feria del libro y comprar libros. Sucedería de lunes a viernes, diciembre de 18-22. Si usted quiere ser voluntario, usted puede llenar el formulario que sera entregado por la casa de la biblioteca para informar cuando usted es capaz de ayudar. Vamos a establecer el viernes, 15 de diciembre. Esperamos que pueda venir a comprar sus libros favoritos.

An Abundance of Katherines

Before there was a Hazel, there was An Abundance of Katherines. This time, love seems to steer away from Colin Singleton, the protagonist of the novel. The thing is, Colin only dates girls that are named Katherine, and all of his relationships have ended by Katherine dumping him.

“Colin Singleton’s type was not physical but linguistic: he liked Katherines. And not Katies or Kats or Kitties or Cathys or Rynns or Trinas or Kays or Kates or, God forbid, Catherines. K-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E. He had dated nineteen girls. All of them had been named Katherine. And all of them- every single solitary one-had dumped him.” -page 15.

Victor is a fool

Makes sense that his last name is Singleton, right?

K-19 (Katherine nineteen) is the one that breaks his heart, unlike the rest. Before that, most of the Katherines had different ways of parting ways with him, from thinking boys were gross, wanting to be just friends and eventually one of them dumped him through e-mail.

Colin’s friend, Hassan, suggests they go on a road trip to prove Colin’s theory. The theory? It’s the Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability.

Throughout the road trip, they drive around aimlessly, just looking for adventure. They pass by Kentucky and Tennessee, encountering many things from monuments to dangerous feral hogs. Colin hopes that he’ll be able to avenge all the Dumpees in the world, as well as win himself a girl, perhaps another Katherine. Will he prove his theory correct, or is he just cursed to get dumped by Katherines?

Reading this book made me feel like I had something to connect to. He reminded me of a friend I have, making me wonder if he’ll actually do the same things Colin does. When it comes to talking, both of them tend to be socially awkward, sprouting out random facts about anything. Now that I think about it, Colin also reminds me of Sheldon, from the Big Bang Theory.

To wrap this up, I can connect with Colin’s behavior, personality and how he strongly resembles people I know. It’s a whole adventure while reading this book, full of laughter and the truth of the real world. The thing that attracted me to this book was because instead of love coming to him, love runs away from him.

Find out what happens next on Colin and Hassan’s road trip in the library.