I Am Jazz

Jazz, a normal little girl talks about her story. Or is she a boy? Ever since he was born, Jazz knew that he was a girl in a boys body. He loved the color pink, he loved to dress up and watch princess movies with other girls. At first, his family was confused, they thought he was funny or just plain weird. When they went outside, his parents forced him to dress in his usual boy clothes. Though, at home, he was free to wear girl clothes whenever he wanted to. Concerned, his parents went to the doctor and the doctor asked Jazz questions. The doctor later reveals that Jazz, is in fact, transgender.

What does transgender mean? Transgender means when you don’t feel like the gender you are. For example, there are boys and girls that think they are meant to be the opposite geBook Review- I am Jazznder. It often leads to misunderstanding for the parents or other people. Fortunately, Jazz’s parents approve of him and support him to completely change his gender. This is where he gets his name, Jazz. He later completely dresses up as a girl and does whatever a girl does. At first, everyone besides Jazz’s family were confused, the school still considered Jazz a boy so they made him join the boys soccer team and such. However, they have finally concluded to think of him as a girl. What will happen next? Will there be any consequences for Jazz? Find out the ending in the library.

Reading I Am Jazz by Jessica Herthel was very heartwarming. It’s a perfect book to demonstrate children how to understand the word ‘transgender’. Especially since it’s based on a true story, it’s very interesting to find out what would happen next. It kept me going and kept wanting to know what would happen next. Also,it exposes it so they can be able to know that being transgender is ok and that they shouldn’t feel bad about it or make fun of people because of it. This book is indeed, a excellent book that is for sure, a must read for all ages.


Sayaka Nagata- 2017 Write to read day presenter

Sayaka Nagata is a visual artist who will be presenting at this years write to read day at Chcs.  She was born in 1982 in Yamasaki, Japan. Growing up she wasn’t  really Involved With any animals, Even so now she is  fascinated the relationship between humans and animals. Many of her painting like the one shown below include both animals and humans. Now she lives and works in New York and is a Brooklyn-based artist. Nagata believes in language beyond words, Which she says is probably the reason why she picked up painting and art. Her relationship with her own animals (Two cats) are important and inspire her as well. Please check out her website and more of her amazing artwork by clicking the link below.  

Sayaka Nagata

BOB_PETEY“I cannot imagine a life without these relationships, where no human words are uttered yet thousands of sentiments are felt.”         -Sayaka Nagata

The Only Road

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When Jamie, hears a distant scream, he already knows that Miguel, his best friend and cousin, is dead. In Guatemala, everyone know someone that has been annihilated by the Alphas, a dangerous and powerful gang, and also known responsible for drug trafficking. Anyone, like Miguel, who disobeyed their wishes or refuses to work for them, was killed. Jamie worries and fears that he will be the Alphas’ next victim. Jaime along with his cousin Angela make the decision to make the long journey to the United States where he will stay with his older brother, Tomas.

Join, Jamie and Angela on Alexandra Diaz’ Only Road as they leave for the United States.


Wonder is a children’s novel by R.J Palacio, It was first released in 2012. It focuses on 10 year old August (Auggie) Image result for wonder summaryPullman who was born with a facial deformity and has been home schooled his entire life- Until his 10th birthday. After a while of debating his parents finally suggest that he should attend a public school in order to receive a better education and some social experience. The first few Months are with no doubt difficult. During this time he makes both friends, enemies and finds himself in the center of a middle school war. While some of his classmates bully and tease him others stand by him. The story changes perspectives and is told by him and his friends/family, including  His sister, Summer- One of the students that befriends him, Jackwill (Another one of his friends), Etc.  Throughout the story he continues to face challenges which don’t all just have to do with him being different. The story Was inspired by placio’s Own experience with a girl who also had a facial deformity. When her three- year old began to cry because he was scared she imminently picked him up and left but not just because of her embarrassment but to protect the little girl. She continued to regret not being able to do something more like begin a conversation with the little and show her kids that there was nothing wrong, Soon auggies character began to  form in her head. After missing the opportunity to show her kids to “choose kind” She Wrote wonder Which continuously mentions what it is to choose kind and why it’s so important. A live film has been confirmed for November 17, 2017, So make sure to pick up Wonder at our library before hand!

Keisha’s Doors

Keisha’s older sisteKeisha's Doors.r, Monica was at first excited about playing with Keisha. She gave her attention for example, giving her toy blocks to play with and dolls so she and Monica can play together. However, Keisha walks away from Monica and refuses to play with her. This isn’t the only time where Keisha refuses to communicate. Her parents have tried talking to her but Keisha ignores them. It concerns them very much, which leads them to taking Keisha to a doctor. When the doctors are done with examining Keisha, they reveal that Keisha has autism. Keisha’s family were confused, what did autism mean? The doctor states that autism means that the person will need a lot of extra help learning to do basic things that are easy for us. It was tragic for Keisha’s family, especially the fact that they didn’t understand what autism meant and how it would affect her.

The doctor later recommends them a doctor so they would help support Keisha. When they do, the therapist examines Keisha and plays with her for a while. Then, when she talks to the parents, she says you have to do certain things in order for Keisha to listen to them. For example, she made Keisha’s hands touch the therapists cheeks. She said it would help her be able to listen to the speaker and to understand. She tells them to try practicing this technique at home with Keisha. Will this new technique work? Will Keisha be able to learn and such? Find out what happens next in the library.

Reading this book made me feel very curious about what would happen with Keisha. The truth about Keisha was a bit shocking for me and I thought it was sweet at the end. I really recommend this book to anyone seeking to read about children with mental disabilities and such. In conclusion, Keisha’s Doors by Marvie Ellis is a excellent book and should be read by all.

The Steel Pan Man of Harlem

Good old Harlem had many memories for me, some of them were good and some of them were bad. Though in the past, Harlem was home for rats and it wasn’t good. It was like a zombie apocalypse except the residents didn’t turn to zombies. The residents of Harlem weren’t enjoying the rathe-steel-pan-man-of-harlemt’s presence and it wasn’t good. They complained to the mayor, who was obviously frustrated at the the rat situation. However, one day there was a rat infestation at the subway. People were upset over this, suddenly, there was a man with a pan. He played it and then everyone was dancing. How did this happen? Due to his music. Everyone’s worries disappeared and even the rats were dancing. Soon, he ended the music which resulted in people stop dancing. They questioned him, and found out that the steel pan was the answer to the peace of Harlem.

The government found out what happened at the train. He told the Steel Pan Man if he could play his instrument to lead the rats out of Harlem. He agreed but asked for a price. The government agreed and as the Steel Pan Man played, the rats all followed him. He completed his mission, he came back to the government but the government refused to pay him, making the steel pan man angry. What do you think the Steel Pan Man will do? Will he do anything at all? Find out what happens next in the library!


It’s a Book

I suppose there was this moment when we were little when we discover the existence of books. Of course, for me, it was the greatest day of my life. However, there are some people who might take it as a curse, and that is Jackass, a donkey. He finds his friend, a Monkey reading its-literally-a-booka book. He was curious enough to go find out why he is reading a book. As he questions it, he thinks it’s related to his electronics. Sadly, he is obsessed with electronics but on the other hand, Monkey isn’t. Let’s just say Monkey is a bookworm. Fascinating, isn’t it? Anyway, he asks Monkey if you can charge a book, zoom in or text with a book. Monkey keeps denying and simply says,”It’s a book“.

When I read it, it was obviously very adorable the way the illustration was done. The ending was also adorable but of course, I can’t spoil it. It’s up for you to find out what happens next. Want to learn what happens? Come check it out in the library to read the ending.