Cooking in Quarantine #1: Homemade Tortillas

They’re sold in almost every store in NYC and popular among us latinos, usually eaten with tacos, burritos, and traditional Mexican food like barbacoa (steamed goat) or frijoles con cecina y salsa (clack beans with homemade hot sauce and salty beef). Originally named tlaxcalli , Tortillas originated in Mexico by Aztecs before European contact. Ever since then people have known tortillas most commonly in tacos and in other Mexican dishes.

  • Tortilla flour or tamale flour
  • Warm water
  • A tortilla press and two pieces of plastic or by hand
  • A flat cooking pan

You must only use these types of flours. If you do not have a tortilla press you can do it with the palm of your hands. You must use warm water and you must have the two plastic sheets if your using the press.


Step 1: Wash your hands and clean your working space.

Step 2: Pour the amount of flour you will be using in the container you will be using and make a little crater in the middle. Every cup of flour will yield 5 tortillas.

1 cup flour = 5 tortillas
2 cups flour = 10 tortillas
3 cups flour = 15 tortillas

Step 3: Warm up your water and pour it in the little crater and mix it with both hands, Until it feels like soft play doh.

Step 4: Grab a portion of your tortilla dough and create a small ball between both of your hands, the size of your ring finger. Do this until all the dough is rolled.

Step 5: One by one put a dough ball between the two plastic sheets in the tortilla press and press down as hard as you can, until it’s flat. While your doing this, heat up your flat pan.

Step 6: Put your tortilla on the heated pan and leave it there for 10 seconds before flipping and leaving the other side for a minute or 2.

After you wait for a minute or 2, flip and you may see that it will start to puff. This is a good sign. Leave it there for a minute before taking it out and leaving to rest.

Step 7: After you finish with all your tortillas leave them to rest for a minute and cover them with a paper towel to contain the warmness.

Step 8: Enjoy them any way you like !!!

Dragon Hoops by Gene Luen Yang

Image result for dragon hoops by gene luen yang"

The upcoming graphic novel Dragon Hoops by Gene Luen Yang is an exceptional book. Mr. Yang opens with his early life and shows us how he has to balance his life between teaching, being a dad and his passion, writing comics. Mr. Youngster (as some students call him), struggles finding the next story he wants to tell. He is eager to fulfill his talent and desire to write another graphic novel.

While Boxers and Saints were based on a historical event, Dragon Hoops is based on his actual experiences. Mr. Yang is computer science teacher at a Catholic school in California. As he is looking for something to write about he gets inspired by his students. Their basketball team has gone to the state championships xxx times but never won. The buzz around school is that they will win it this year! He starts interviewing the head coach team coach Lou.

Readers meet the players on the team and the history behind the sport. He does it in a realistic and organic way, through interviewing the characters and bringing their backstories onto the page. He follows the team throughout their journey to the championship, discovering the hard reality of the players’ lives on and off the court- the racism, adversity and obstacles faced by the players.

Mr. Yang does a very good job going back and forth in time and never loses his reader. He is also very good at giving background information. He doesn’t only talk about the game but he also talks about culture, racism, police brutality, and even history. This turns stories into an impactful novel. Lastly, he uses techniques in his art that make the book meaningful. For example color codes the past and the present he stays consistent thought the book like in the past scenes he subdued colors. He also uses an effect on hes speach bubbles to add outside noises and loud sounds which make

This book will appeal to basketball fans, but is not just for sports fans. This is a book that celebrates the spirit of a team and how to persevere when things don’t go your way. It also teaches that no matter what your race you can still fit into society and be a part of something special.

Snapdragon by Kat Leyh

Snapdragon doesn’t have a lot of friends but who would’ve thought she would befriend the town outcast, Jack. Everyone says Jack’s a witch, but in reality she’s just an old lady who wear crocks and sells roadkill skeletons on Etsy. They meet when Snap’s dog, Good Boy, gets hit by a car and Jack nurses him back to health.

One day, Snap stumbles upon a group of kids at her school playing around with a dead possum, poking it with a stick. Snap gets furious and shoos them away. Of course, they make fun of her because that’s what every bully does, but Snap doesn’t care. She’s just worried because she notices what no one else saw…a litter of baby possums, now motherless. Her classmate Louis breaks away from the cool crowd to find out if Snap is okay, and despite their differences they establish a friendship.

In asking Jack for help with the baby possums, Snapdragon unwittingly begins uncovering family secrets including the truth behind her family’s curse, experiences the joys of late night horror movies with your BFF, and confirms her suspicions that magic and witchcraft are real, after all.

This book is very different from other graphic novels that I have read. It shows the point of views of a diverse cast of characters including a range of races and characters in the LGBTQ+ community. This is a story of acceptance, learning your strengths, and knowing your self-worth.

In most of the book the full-color illustrations are very bright and vibrant, but when the characters have flashbacks it turns shadow-like, with the use of one or two colors to accentuates certain features. During dramatic moments the author makes panels slanted and zooms in for close ups.

Snapdragon is for readers who enjoy uncovering family legends, coming out stories, friendships, and a little touch of magic.

Don’t Pigeonhole Me! -a Mo Willems Sketch Book

“Always think of my audience, but never think for my audience”

-Mo Willems

Mo Willems is one of the most memorable children’s authors of all time. Writing books like Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The bus, Knuffle Bunny, Elephant and Piggie, Because, This Is Not A Good Idea! and more! Of course every person has their alter-ego. In Don’t Pigeonhole me!, we see a compilation of sketchbooks that allow us to explore the more mature-side of one of our favorite children’s authors.

In Don’t Pigeonhole Me! each section begins with a small summary of the sketchbook and the process of its publication. The first few sketchbooks are basic doodles that will most likely give you a quick chuckle or two. In sketchbooks like “I’m Fine” we get too see a story line that is illustrated through drawings meant to demonstrate the very simple sentences. We can even see the early birth of our favorite pigeon in the original “DON’T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS!” and “The Pigeon Tells A Story.”

As someone who personally enjoys art, I tried to read some of the comics slowly, over and over to try to fine some deep meaning but then I realized that not all art has a powerful meaning behind it. Comics like “The Red Truck” and “Olive Hue Show Mutts” are perfect examples of this because they are silly, simple and funny.

Mo Willems did an excellent job showing us his complex and quite hilarious mind, and I loved every part of it. The Mo Willems sketchbook compilation is a well executed book for all mature audiences.

Movie vs. Book: Lord of the Rings Trilogy

For years, people have debated if the book is better than the movie or if the movie is better than the book. This series will be focusing on these two questions and answering that million dollar question: which is better?

 The book

The Lord of the Rings, one of the most iconic books out there written by J.R.R Tolkien. Filled with mystical creatures and beings, the story takes place in somewhere called Middle Earth. The story starts off, when nineteen Elves from Eregion forge a total of nineteen rings made for a total of nineteen people: three for the the Elves, seven for the Dwarves, and nine for mankind, but not only nineteen rings were made, one forged at the peak of Mount Doom stands out above all. Created by Sauron, The Dark Lord, this ring is filled with malevolent power and corruption. It’s purpose is to rule over all Middle Earth and end the era of mankind. To avoid this, one must destroy the ring. This is the destiny of a Hobbit named Frodo.

The book is filled with descriptions about beautiful landscapes, lifeless war zones and dangerous creatures, such as orcs and giant spiders. The book also shares with us the emotions of the main characters, such as the fright Frodo experiences when he tries to hide the ring from the nine kings, now known as The Nazg√Ľls.

The Movie

In December of 2001, The lord of the rings was released in the theaters and received a total of 91% of rotten tomatoes and a score of 8.8 in IMDb. Throughout the United States, the movie was praised by it’s scenery and the amazing acting of each and every character, such as the acting of Ian McKellen, as the wizard Gandalf. As David Denby from The New Yorker stated,

“Consistently beautiful and often exciting — despite some dead passages here and there, it’s surely the best big-budget fantasy movie in years.”

David’s compliment is also supported by one of the lines from the first book The Fellowship of The Ring.”The braids of her dark hair were touched by no frost; her white arms and clear face were flawless and smooth.”

This was one of the thousands of compliments given to the Lord of the Rings by critics and, well the general public itself. The movie has been watched over and over by the public and fans, although some have called out some flaws that the movie had as well, for example Jonathan Rosenbaum from The Reader had stated,

“It’s full of scenic splendors with a fine sense of scale, but its narrative thrust seems relatively pro forma, and I was bored by the battle scenes.”

This is also supported by the first book and it shows that the battle of Minas Tirith was 3 chapters long!! and has a total of 30 pages.

Therefore, The Lord of the Rings wasn’t perfect, but it did meet the expectations of mostly everyone.

With these results we can conclude that the movie is BETTER than the book, by pure scenery and elaboration towards the script. Well, that concludes all for this second post! See you in the next Movie vs Book.

Out of the Bubble

Part I

Where you grow

Up what you seen 

And live since you

Were out of the


                  Wish you stayed in the bubble.

No worrying

No responsibility

No arguments

No problems 

No sadness 

No contact from the contaminated


Part 2 

Your mom’s promises

To keep you safe 

Can’t and it’s not enough 

To protect you.

                  You are set free like

                  A bird in an unknown 

                  Dangerous habitat, everyone,

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†EVERYONE it’s their

                  Own species. All separated

                  By species, color, money and 


Separated without 

Knowing we’re all¬†





We always forget 

¬†We’re all going¬†

      To the 




Am I going to feel safe while walking 

Am I going to feel safe wearing a hoodie

Am I going to feel save driving a nice car

Am I going to stop 

Worrying about 

Getting shot because 





            Something superficial

            Defines who you are 

            And how they see you.

Scholastic Book Fair

Our annual Scholastic Book Fair is an opportunity to buy your own books. You don’t have to worry about returning them, take as long as you want and you can start your own library of your most loved books! This fair is an event created for schools to offer students affordable books based on their interests. The Scholastic Book Fair has a feeling and the look of a book store bringing the books we love right to our school’s door. In PS 89 is a tradition. In our school we take the job of bringing joy through books very seriously.

That is why this year we will have the the brand new book from beloved series Dog Man- Fetch 22. You can watch a trailer for the new book here.

Check below to see when your class will visit the Book Fair for their preview and shopping periods. See you in the Book Fair!

What if it’s Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera


It’s the summer and Arthur is in New York. He lives in Georgia but every summer his mother sends him to New York City to stay in her office. Thanks to Broadway plays he believes in the universe and romance.

One day when he was walking to the post office he sees this handsome boy.  He can’t resist- he has to go up and talk to him! They start to make small talk and with butterflies in his stomach, Arthur realizes this boy is gay, like him.

Arthur notices he has a big box with a name on it, Hudson. It’s probably his name but Arthur doesn’t want to be creepy and ask. Once they both dropped their stuff off, they head back outside. They’re so engrossed in conversation that they don’t see a marching band coming towards them! The band separates them, and they lose each other.

Arthur gives up and goes back to the office, but he can’t get that Hudson boy off his mind. Neither can the Hudson boy. They want to find each other so badly but it seems impossible. How can they track each other down without even knowing their names?

When I read this book I instantly got hooked on to it. It shows both of the main characters perspectives and has such a good story line. There’s some parts that made me  parts that made me really emotional because Arthur  was trying his hardest to look for “Hudson”, he wanted to be with him and love him but he tried everything. I think people who like romance will really enjoy this book.

What if it’s us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera can be found in the library under FIC ALB.

Scythe: Book review

Scythe by Neal Shusterman (FIC SHU) takes place in the future, a future where there is no war, no hunger and no misery. Humanity has conquered everything, even death and has encountered the secret to eternal youth.  We surpassed our greatest fears. We are the top of the food chain. We are gods. Although a new problems has arose. The population. Since no one is dying, the populations grows. Rapidly. To solve this problem, an organization has arisen from the shadows with one simple objective. Thou shalt kill.

Citra and Rowan must apprentice Scythe Faraday, although neither of them is pleased.  In doing so they must study various subjects including, Bokator, an ancient martial exclusive to scythes, Killcraft, and various other subjects that have to do with the art of taking life. Only one of them will be chosen, whoever succeeds will become the next scythe, while the other will just return to their regular life.

Scythe is a spectacular book. A book that will make you question, do we really want eternal life? Neal Shusterman has taken what all men and women have always dreamed and revealed the dark truth behind it. If you like action-packed and mysterious books, Scythe is the book for you.

Movie vs. Book: Wonder

For years, people have debated if the book is better than the movie or if the movie is better than the book. This series will be focusing on these two questions and answering that million dollar question: which is better?

The Book  246px-Wonder_Cover_Art

Wonder by R. J. Palacio is filled with emotional content and heart breaking moments, Wonder is packed with characters with intimate and difficult problems, all of which they all try to overcome. One of these characters is a ten-year-old boy named August with a facial problem, who has a tough time fitting in. Others with a social problems, and acceptance by their peers, you get the idea. To be honest the mood that represents this book at first is heart warming, but as you proceed through the book it gets more serious and a bit extreme such as August being called Dark Sidious, a star wars character who’s face is burned. I recommend this book to those out there with insecurity, people who feel left out and for people how just don’t feel like they fit in.

The Movie  wonder-movie

The movie on the other hand is almost as similar as the book itself. The plot is the same and some of the lines in the movie are as identical to those in the book, but most of the time skips some. Even though the book delivers the content in a unique way, such as giving extreme detail and expressing the characters thoughts and feelings, the movie does the same thing but in a visual way which gives the audience a different point of view. Such as when August tries to snap out of the fantasy he lives in, in which he thinks he’s normal ten-year old, which sadly he is not. He ends up crying and we see his parents giving him comfort. This is a time where the movie show a feeling instead of using voice over.

With these results we can conclude that the book is BETTER than the movie, by just pure detail and elaboration towards the descriptions within the book. Well that concludes all for this first post!